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Munich in February

Munich in February

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The special flair of the Bavarian capital is strangely more evident in late winter, when the tourist crowds are gone and local pensioners stroll here and there, the city's residents rush about their business in the morning and enjoy a chat over a beer in the local pubs in the evening.

Munich is the place to get a taste of the Bavarian atmosphere and the fun-loving spirit of its inhabitants, as the festivals in February last for almost the whole month, bringing smiles and good humour to the locals and welcoming visitors to the Bavarian capital.

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Holidays in Munich in February: pros and cons

The shortest month of the year won't disappoint you with chilly winter air or sudden downpours — you just won't know it if you're planning a trip. After all, there is plenty to do: have fun at the carnival, enjoy a Bavarian beer with aromatic sausages, drink coffee outside like a true Münchner and visit the city's main square — and there is plenty to do there.

So it comes as no surprise that there are so many positive reviews for a February holiday in Munich. We, too, have gathered a few facts in favour of the trip:

  • If you're looking for fun, entertainment and festivities, then February is the month for you: the carnival and its accompanying events are sure to entertain a family with children, a group of friends or a couple in love.
  • If you're looking for a quiet and relaxing break, enjoying a coffee in a morning café and strolling around Marienplatz on a sunny or frosty day without the hustle and bustle of tourists, then this February trip is also for you.
  • If you want to surprise your significant other with cheap tickets to celebrate Valentine's Day in Munich, then this is the city for you.
  • And don't forget the shopping: February is the last month of sales, when discounts are at their best.

It's no secret that for every upside there is a downside, so let's discover some of the downsides of travel as well:

  • The weather in Munich in February is not very stable. It's hard to know whether you'll get an unusual heatwave of +10°C, an unusual frost of -15°C or a rainy weekend. The weather is changeable, windy and not suitable for prams.
  • You won't be able to enjoy the beauty of the palace or city parks, the botanical gardens or the unforgettable atmosphere of the open-air viewing platforms. If you're a nature lover, you'll need to postpone your trip for at least two months.

Munich weather in February

It is almost impossible to predict the weather in February in advance. Over the past ten years of observations, huge temperature fluctuations have been recorded. It has been quite frosty and pleasantly sunny, with occasional snow showers in the last days of the month or heavy rain all day. The weather in February and March is therefore only subject to short-term forecasts — check with the weather forecasters just before you travel.

To summarise the long-term observations, the weather in early February is mostly similar to January, with average temperatures of around +2°C during the day and down to -5°C at night. Sometimes the mountain air foehn changes this for a few hours. Tourists love the unusually warm and dry föhn-like wind. During this time the weather is sunny and the air is unusually clean and clear. Views of the Alps can be admired from the viewing platforms at high altitude.

Temperatures in Munich in mid-February can reach +6°C, especially during the day, and the sun is shining. The weather in Munich at the end of February may surprise you with a light snowfall or a cold snap and sub-zero temperatures.

Air temperature

Bavaria has a mostly mild continental climate, which explains its mild winters. The average temperature in Munich in February is around +2.5°C during the day and -2.6°C at night. Deviations of a few degrees in either direction are possible and common. However, it's worth remembering that February is a winter month and it's best to keep your clothes and shoes warm.

Temperature in Munich in February

During the month, temperatures range from +3°C to +12°C during the day and +1°C to -4°C at night. Interestingly, the lowest temperature ever recorded this month in Munich was -22°C, while the abnormally high temperature was +21°C.

Amount of precipitation

Rain or snowfall in February is low at around 45 mm and there are only 2 or 3 rainy days. However, the mornings can be foggy and the humidity rises. If you don't have an umbrella, at least invest in a hooded jacket in case of drizzle.

Sunny, cloudy and overcast days

Before winter finally sets in, the weather doesn't offer many sunny days, and overcast days predominate. There are as many as 15, which is half the month. The second half is made up of around 7 cloudy days and 6 sunny days, allowing for some comfortable walks to Munich's main attractions.

Excursion holidays: Where to go in February

February may not be the best month for long walks, palace parks and botanical gardens, but Munich has so many interesting places and unusual museums for its visitors that a week is not enough to see them all. Pick a few and have a fantastic time.

Most of Munich's famous palaces are in the countryside, so if you want to save time on the way and have been longing for a glimpse of the old, luxurious interiors, visit the 17th-century Nymphenburg Palace. Tram no. 17 will take you there in 20 minutes from the main station.

The unique portrait gallery, frescoed ceilings, huge crystal chandeliers, antique mirrors in intricate frames — the castle's decorations are magnificent and grand, captivating adults and children alike. The ponds outside the castle are usually still covered in ice in early February, and there are curling and skating rinks. And the castle's ducks and swans beg visitors for food.

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If you decide to visit Nymphenburg, count on a full day because there are several interesting museums onsite: the Man and Nature Museum with its interactive exhibits, the Carriage Museum and the Porcelain Museum. On a rainy or just a chilly day in mid-February, you can visit them all.

Please note that combined tickets for all Nymphenburg attractions, including the museums on the grounds, cost less.

Children and parents alike will be fascinated by the Man and Nature Museum. Its motto is 'Natural History as an Experience', so the exhibits here evoke empathy, wonder and admiration. The creators decided that it is through these feelings that children can learn how the human body works, how the process of evolution took place and how animals are classified.

Krone Street, named after the founder of the famous circus, will undoubtedly lead you there. In more than 150 years, it has evolved from a travelling menagerie into a full-fledged permanent circus with a modern programme including traditional acts. The huge marquee seats 5,000 spectators, who are entertained by original acts. Children's favourites — trained elephants, an unusual white lion, acrobatic stunts under a dome more than 15 metres high — never fail to amaze young spectators and their parents. And if the weather is fine at the end of February, stop by the colourful marquee after your walk and give yourself and your children an unforgettable holiday.

Holidays, events and festivals

If you're a fan of fun and want to treat yourself and your family to some unusual entertainment, then Munich's February festivities are for you. Spectacular Brazilian carnivals, monster masks, dancing, rain of sweets, smiles, laughter and good humour — all this extravaganza is yours if you decide to take a trip in February.

The traditional carnival week is called Fasching and ends before Lent.

On the 11th of the 11th of the 11th month at 11 o'clock, the "fifth season" — the carnival season — will officially begin. Preparations for the event have been underway for almost three months. The festivities begin in January and the week of highlights usually falls in February. The flagship event is the so-called Rose Monday. The main streets are jammed with traffic and for a few hours there are decorated floats, clowns, princesses, kings, songs and cheers.

A special treat for children is to collect sweets to be thrown from the moving platforms. Adults get plastic glasses with wine and beer. The parade ends with a concert and greetings to the participants in one of the town squares.


February is probably the best time to go shopping. Many shops have already launched their new collections for the coming spring and can delight trendsetters with the latest new items. And there are still some great bargains to be had at the beginning of the month. The choice may not be great, but there is a unique opportunity to buy at record discounts.

Multi-brand outlets and shopping malls are always waiting for their customers, but remember that shopping is best done during the week. Saturdays are busy and Sundays are a legal day off.

Cost of vacation

Tourist activity is relatively low in February: the weather is not yet warm, sales are coming to an end and the low season is coming to an end. As a result, prices in Munich drop in February. But it's a great opportunity to plan a budget holiday with plenty of unforgettable experiences in the Bavarian capital.

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The airlines are reducing their prices by 20-25% compared to the previous month. If you book your tickets in advance, you can also enjoy a week of fun with the kids or a weekend away with friends.

Package Tours

Tour prices are also 15 - 20% lower. It's easy to choose a hotel room, enjoy the traditional Bavarian cuisine in uncrowded restaurants and get into Munich's most famous brewery without waiting in line.


Food prices are largely unchanged. In a Munich restaurant you can eat local food for €50-70 for lunch or dinner and a beer for two. For a snack between meals, you can eat a puff pastry or a German sausage in dough for €4-5, and a taste of the fragrant pastries will cost you between €2.5 and €4. The famous Bavarian bratwurst or sausages will cost you €3-4. A bottle of water, on the other hand, isn't cheap, starting at €1.5 for 0.5 litres.

Tips for holidays with children

A trip during Carnival week in February is sure to delight your children. Throw in a visit to the Natural History Museum, the Transport Museum and the Toy Museum and the choice of activities is endless. Of course, the weather in February is capricious and unpredictable, and can be both freezing and rainy. For this reason, a late winter trip may not be suitable for children under one year old, but schoolchildren will be delighted — they won't even notice the weather as they enjoy a busy holiday programme.

A trip to Munich in February deserves special attention. The Bavarian capital is so popular with visitors that you can be sure of a warm welcome even in the coldest part of the year.

With discounts, a lively carnival and the opportunity to organise a great cultural programme of museum visits and cosy cafes, your holiday will be not only memorable and colourful, but also rewarding. Make your family holiday or romantic getaway a pleasure and let the hospitable city of Munich make you fall in love with it at first sight!